Saturday, 14 February 2015

L'odeur de l'amour

How can I talk about love and kindness better than with a fragrance? For this Valentine's day, I decided to talk about my four favorites perfumes. They're mostly dedicated to young women, and to love, of course.

When you wake up, while cuddling...
Sweet is not the most popular of the Lolita Lempicka's perfumes. But I really love it (because I'm a huge fan of Elle Fanning), and also because the smell is delightful ! It tastes like a first-kiss, full of true-love and clumsiness, with it's smell of cherry covered in chocolate. For me it's the best perfume to start the day, loved in his arms. It's definitively the smell of kind Love and Tenderness to me.

In the morning...

I often wear this perfume with Sweet, because I love the combination of these two fragrances. Anaïs Anaïs l'Original is one of the most pleasant fragrance to me, but it looks like I'm the only one who like it! I love to wear it at night, during bedtime. It's a bunch of flowers in a bottle : delicate and sensual. It had a genuine smell, like it would have come from another time : like a smell of soap and flowers. Which is perfect to feel elegante and attentive to your lover.

In the afternoon...

Miss Dior Chérie "is not a complicated fragrance". It has a simplicity and a freshness that makes it easy to wear. In my opinion it's the essence of the young, charming and optimistic Parisian girl. And the symbol of the true freedom to love. You just feel pretty and confident while wearing it. Like being just happy with him is the best way to prove your love.

At dinner...

Daisy is a funny and sunny perfume. A lot more juicy and fruity than Miss Dior. It's just another way to feel that day, maybe less romantic but with more joie de vivre. It's really a light fragrance that you don't really smell until you really have the nose on where you put it.

And at night....

Your fragrance!

Ok! Sounds like I'm cheating on this one, aha! But when you're cuddling and say how much you love him, don't forget that all he wants to smell and to feel is you. Have a nice day girls! ♥

And for those you are alone tonight, you can put some nice men's fragrance on your pillow, we won't judge ♥ ;)


  1. Oh those are lovely perfumes, my favorite is Miss Dior, it has a classy and elegant scent ideal for everyday wear. And you look lovely Romande I love your necklace what a gorgeous piece! Hope you had a great valentine's day hun! xo~ Lena

  2. Yes it was great! Thank you so much Lena ♥ Hope you had a great Valentine's day too. The necklace is from Primark! I really felt in love with it :)

  3. I love the scent of the Dior perfume as I have it as well

    1. Yes it's really a great perfume! A lot of girls love it ♥

  4. Great perfume selection!

  5. i love marc jacobs ! :D

  6. J'aime beaucoup le miss Dior! Il sent super bon!

    Gros bisous, Megan

  7. Tes photos sont vraiment jolies. Mon parfum préféré est Daisy car il est frais et léger :-) Au fait, est-ce que tu es sur Hellocoton?

    1. Merci Eve! Et oui je viens de m'y inscrire :)

      Gros bisous!

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