Sunday, 8 January 2017

Happy Me !

Topshop top | Primark pinafore | Primark beret + Ebay Cat Patch | Blossom&Bronze Necklace | C&A purse | Forever21 boots

With the New Year upon us, I decided to give to my work and to me, a fresh start again. I don't know if I still have some readers here - if so, I love you so much!! - and I hope that you will be able to read me in English now, as I decided to practice this language more.

To be prepared to this new year, I sold a lot of things in my closet to buy new ones; which suits my style more. I also got a new Title to my blog & Instagram (I don't know yet if it will last; I would love to have one with my name in it), and soon a new logo and a Shop.

And I also started a new YouTube channel! Yey! I was watching a lot of Youtubers since last year and it's a media that I really like too. So it would so nice if you had a look on it! It's just here :

I really enjoyed making this first Lookbook video so far; More than taking pictures for the blog... It's quicker, less stressful about my own appearence & I really liked editting again. So, actually, I think I'll try to take you with me more often this way! ♥ And I think that if I ever vlog, that would be in English. But don't worry, I would probably put some French translations tho. 

Did you like the video? Please tell me in the comment!! ♥


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