Tuesday, 10 January 2017


New Baby "Butter", a Gold Hamster 🐹🍑✨

We went to the Pet Store to buy food and some bedding for my roborovski hamster; "Tobine". But every time we got there, I'm always melting in front of all the cute animals we see ! Rabbits, hamsters, mouses and fishes... (So, half the time, we come home with a new baby to love and cuddle... I'm strongly trying to have a dog or a rabbit now)

Recently we bought a 2-months old gold hamster that I instantly felt in love with. He was sleeping in a tiny round shelter, cuddling with his brothers and sisters. We asked the seller if we could see all of them; so she started to shake the shelter; making them roll all over the box! It was so cute I actually couldn't resist to bring this little fluffy butt(er) home. I decided to call him Butter, in honour of his chubby butt.

So we brought that little beast into our house. 

The first thing that shocked me when we come home was his size. I didn't realized he was so huge compared to Tobine! Actually Roborovski are the smallest hamsters; and the golden one is the biggest... He's maybe three times bigger than her.

Such a tiny baby flower.

We constructed his house in the same furniture as Tobine : a squared bookshelf, which now looks like a cute flat with two floors. But our first night together was awful. Butter was finding every way to get out, scaling the outer wall, flipping everything upside down, destroying his feeding bottle and flooding all his brand new box. It was almost midnight, so I putted him in a huge plastic box for the night, and repaired all the damages the next morning.

True Story.

But don't worry, he's now used to live in his new house and he's a really cute boy. ♥

A few weeks later

We came back in the same store, looking for nothing, and going home with a Betta fish. His colors and fins were so pretty I was charmed. I already had the fish tank so it wasn't much of a big deal. Welcome home, Poppy! ♥

The little newcome, "Poppy" a Betta fish. 🐠🌷


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