Tuesday, 4 July 2017


So you might have seen it if you're already following me on Instagram. But we welcomed a new baby in our family! It was such a surprise because I was on a weekend trip to my parent's house and Mimo (my bf) went to the petstore to bring her home as an early birthday-gift. I love her to bits since the first time I saw her and I'm happy that she became a part of our family so easily. I named her Brioche because her fur looks like a bread that is not fully baked. White underneath and brown on the top ! She also have a beautiful wing-shaped spot on her right eye.

It took her a few weeks to lie on the blanket like this. But please, my heart is melting !!

The first time I saw her. She was so tiny I can't even remember her being that small.

Playing with my scarf. It's hers now!

I think she missed being with the others rabbits at the begging. She really loved being wrapped in blankets and near hot water bottles. 

She's a cage-free bunny during the day; but now that she discovered all the room she's starting to mess around with cables and that kind of stuff! But we did our best to hide most of it. (But now she's able to jump on my chair!!)

I'll post more pictures as soon as possible and maybe I'll do a YT video about her when we'll move out! I will also be more eager to post new articles on my blog with all these new things in my life ! Can't wait !


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