Saturday, 24 February 2018

Oh, Paris! #4

I received two invitations from to see the exhibit of Constance Guisset "Actio!", a designer, at Le musée des Arts Décoratifs. I already wanted to go there so bad so I obviously was super happy to be able to go there anytime I wanted. I already knew some of her work like the Vertigo lamps. And they were so beautifully staged. The lamps were all turning on themselves on a delicate music. Felt like a dream !


Bonjour //


I loved those designs involving bird cages and also aquariums. It was very pure and delicate. 


Favorite spot of the exposition. Loved all those lights and colors so much.


I was very into interior design since I moved in my own apartment, that I had to furnished myself. So going to that kind of exhibit inspires me a lot and also makes me want to make my space creative too!


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