Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Oh, Paris! #3

I took a day off to spend go with my mum to the museum. She wanted to go to the Louis Vuitton foundation which hosted for the first time some Art pieces of the MoMA. I had the feeling going at this exhibit that I had see at least one masterpiece of famous artists. Dali, Klimt, Frida Kahlo, C├ęzanne,   Mondrian, Warhol ... There's always something that catches your eye or that you already "know".


The building of the museum. Not a huge fan of this kind of architecture.

Beautiful and poetic flying fishes at the restaurant 'Le Frank'.
(I don't recommend eating there though - I read bad critics on Google-).


Klimt had always been my favorite. He drew women in such delicate ways. Truly an inspiration to me.



Then we went to the roof to admire the view; it kind of felt like New York up there. Sadly the structure of the building hide a huge part of the landscape but the gardens were pretty. We even saw the Eiffel Tower.


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